Take note wire is White

Model SWL-2

High performance receiving antenna.

This brand new antenna will improve the reception on all radios for frequencies between 100 kHz to 30 MHz. Most radio listeners know the choice of antenna is much more important for best reception than the radio itself, a random, 70 feet’s of wire is entirely adequate for listening between 100 KHz to 30 MHz which will pick up about everything, It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or as a slopes, it should be erected as high above ground as practical, although elevations of only 20 feet or more have proven very satisfactory reception. To prevents electrical noise pickup from your environment always use coaxial cable (25 feet RG-58 Included) with low loss impedance matching transformer unit with a ratio of 10:1 (Long wire impedance 500 ohms to 50 ohms coaxial cable) which may provide more signal from antenna to the receiver. This antenna has superior signal to noise ratio. Made by www.conceptionrb.com

Shortwave Broadcast Bands:

AM (.5-1.6 MHz), 120 MTRS (2.300-2.495 MHz), 90 MTRS (3.200-3.400 MHz), 75 MTRS (3.900-4.000 MHz), 60 MTRS (4.750-5.060 MHz), 49 MTRS (5.900-6.200 MHz), 41 MTRS (7.100-7.350 MHz), 31 MTRS (9.400-9.900 MHz), 25 MTRS (11.600-12.100 MHz), 22 MTRS (13.570-13.870 MHz), 19 MTRS (15.100-15.800 MHz), 16 MTRS (17.480-17.900 MHz), 15 MTRS (18.900-19.020 MHz), 13 MTRS (21.450-21.850 MHz), 11 MTRS (25.670-26.100 MHz).

Amateur Radio Bands

160 MTRS (1.800-2.000 MHz), 80 MTRS (3.500-3.600 MHz), 60 MTRS (5.332-5.405 MHz), 40 MTRS (7.000-7.125 MHz), 30 MTRS (10.100-10.150 MHz), 20 MTRS (14.000-14.150 MHz), 17 MTRS (18068-18110 MHz), 15 MTRS (21.000-21.200MHz), 12 MTRS (24890-24.930 MHz), 10 MTRS (28.000-28.300MHz).

Can be used for transmit with antenna tuner up to 100 watts SSB.

This SWL Kit antenna includes:

  • MT-103 Low loss 10:1 receiving transformer (50 Ohms: 500 Ohms) used on long wire.

  • 70 feet’s PVC #18 antenna wire.

  • 1 insulator, other side is insulated with balun eyelet

  • 25 feet’s coaxial cable including 2 PL-259 connector (RG-58A/U 95% Braid).

  • 25 feet’s rope for hanging up your antenna.

  • 10 feet’s #18 wires for radio ground with terminal both end for your radio.

  • Instruction for installation.

Cover all SWL and Ham band for reception. 100 kHz to 30 MHz’s

Ready to install.


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